Sticking Around, Flagless!

April 27th, 2014

The daughter of a friend of ours gave him some Disney antenna toppers. (Honest. We didn’t even know they existed.) His problem? How to display them? He drives a really nice ‘vette and didn’t want to stick (smALL pun) them on his antenna, but he did want to show off just how cute they are. Here was his elegant solution:

Flag sticks with antenna toppers

Pretty clever, eh? He asked if we had just the sticks for our 4×6″ flags. Of course! (Sold by the dozens only.) He also got one of our eleven-hole bases to properly display them. OK. Full disclosure: He did clip off the gilt spear-tip finials that come on those empty sticks. Gotta admit. That’s pretty cute. Whadda think? Points for creativity?

Respect Our Flag

February 28th, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we were visiting at the 29th annual Oregon Asian Celebration in Eugene, OR. We’ve been to nearly every one of them and really enjoy this festival. Of course they were celebrating the Year of the Horse, but we blogged about that last month. In any event, we were strolling around (as one is wont to do at such events) and stumbled upon an interesting booth with displays regarding Indonesia.

Indonesian booth

That handsome fellow pictured here is one Edwin Suchranudin – #suchacoolnametosay. Nice guy.

Suchranudin card

(Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the website shown on his card is under construction, but his email – if you can’t read it from his card – is We asked him about the banner behind him and he was quite proud to tell us about its symbolism. We didn’t tell him that we had just blogged about that in January 2012. We also didn’t tell him that we follow @RespectOurFlag on our Twitter account. It’s also all about Indonesia, but hasn’t had a posting since December 2012 – also at the time of this writing. Was it something we said? Follow them. Follow us. Follow each other. Be happy. Go “Sang Saka Merah Putih”!

Horsing around with Newness

January 30th, 2014

horn blowingYou may well know, Dear Reader, that we seldom toot our own horn in these postings. However (you were waiting for it), toot toot.




You know this is the beginning of yet another trip around our favorite star (aka New Year) and it’s just about to begin another Year of the Horse for our Asian friends. But allow us to digress: This is the clever Chinese word for horse;Chinese character for horse with a little imagination, one can almost see the animal in the character, as this artist shows.2014 Year of the horse graphic

Of course with a little more imagination, it could even look like a flag. (Or, with even more imagination  it could look like just about anything, but we digress from our digression.)

We thought it would be appropriate to remind you of some of the newest products now available for your amusement. These have all been added to our website in the past 6 months.

Yes, yes. We keep adding to our utterly amazing line of embroidered patches.

A couple of patches we probably should have had up long ago:

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smALL Teddy Bear FLAG patch

August 25th, 2013

Warning: They say the world is filled with silly love songs.

Aussie Para TedBack story: As if our last post wasn’t sweet enough, here’s an unrelated one from literally the opposite side of the world. Once again, we’ll let the lightly edited emails speak for themselves.

Hi Small Flags,

I’d just like to congratulate your firm for the quality of your product, and thank you for the uncompromising level of service.

Last week I placed probably the smallest order you’ll receive for some time. It was for a very small Australian flag that you could not have possibly made any profit on at the price.

I wanted to let you know that the Aussie flag [Micro Patch] is now affixed to an Australian army para teddy bear, to celebrate our son Michael’s recent return from active service in Afghanistan (working very closely with US troops in a remote forward operating base.) We’re sending the (unnamed) bear to Mike’s newly married wife Jen, as Mike had to return early from their honeymoon to attend a training course for two months (as the Army does). At least Jen will now have a bit of company. …

I notice you have a Latin quote on your web site. [Assumed reference to the bottom of our Mission and Policies statement, linked to from our About Us page.] I was taught Latin by Jesuit priests when I was at school. Thanks again to Small Flags for something that is very important to our family:

Minima Maxima Sunt



Sydney, Australia.

Sweet, eh?

We of course asked if we could post their photos, not only of the teddy, but also of their handsome son. Here’s part of their subsequent reply.

Hi William,

Thank you for making contact.

Of course we wouldn’t mind you using the letter and photos on your blog. It is the least we could do for you giving our family so much pleasure.

When I came home from work this evening I noticed a message on our answering phone from our new daughter-in-law Jen. She only received the teddy bear in today’s mail, and was overcome by the little surprise. It clearly has a special place in her heart already. …

Thanks again,


Oh, and here’s that handsome son:

Mike Para Beret Afghanistan

smALL FLAGs for smALL DOGs

June 30th, 2013

Warning: The following is a love story.

Back story: In late May, we were contacted by a very nice customer in Denmark, who had previously ordered some of our Micro Patches.  She wanted some more and was kind enough to write and tell us how she intended using them. We have redacted the author’s name, but let her otherwise unedited emails speak for themselves.

Hello Mr. Gifford

Thank you so much for your prompt reply and fast handling!

I would love to not only tell you how I intend to use the little flags, but also to send you pictures of the final product.

I breed and show dogs, the breed is called Danish/swedish Farmdogs. It is my hobby, been doing this for a decade, and I breed with purpose to improve, not for money. So I only have very few dogs, that are our family dogs, and I am now breeding on my own 4th generation.

Anyway…among my dog friends is a creative person, who sews these beautiful fleece collars, that are wide, soft and comfortable for the neck, and doesn’t rub the coat or break the hair on the neck, which is an issue, when you show dogs.

So since they are wide, there is room for a personal little embroidery of approximately 2 cm’s with on a nylon band in the middle of the collar. She makes the collars on order, custom fit for each dog, and has put out quite a few with dogs’ names embroidered in letters. The fleece comes in a variety of colors.

I have made a special design for the collar I want for my oldest gal, Maddy. She is 12 years old, and the most amazing little best friend I have ever had in my life. She is a great grandmother to my youngest, and she keeps right up with the little booger. Every day of her going so strong is just a blessed gift.

My Maddy I have shown to so many titles in so many countries, among many others, she is a champion in both Denmark, Sweden, and Norway…now I think you might get the drift…

Maddy’s collar will have the fleece in 2 colors, namely the show champion colors that are used for the rosettes and ribbons at shows in Scandinavia, which are red and green. It will have her name embroidered on the 2cm wide black nylon band in the front, and in the neck…tadaa…it will have the micro sized (perfect fit by the way) flags of the countries, in which she titled.

I ordered extra Danish and Swedish flags, as there is a chance her grand daughter and great grand daugther might need a similar collar some day, plus even extra Danish flags, because we have many friends showing their dogs here, who will see the collar, have Danish champion dogs, and probably want a collar like Maddy’s.

I promise I will send you a photo pf the finished collar, which I can’t wait to put on my old Maddy. She will wear it with pride. Here she is, my little princess:

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a picture of Maddy with one of her champion rosettes in red and green.

Thanks again, and

best regards

A few weeks later, she wrote:

Hello William.

The collar for our Maddy, with the little flags, was now finished, and Maddy has worn it for the first time today. She is very proud of the collar, and for an older lady at 12, it feels good and gentle with the soft fleeze, which the back side of the collar was made of.

I promised you pictures, so here they are. My friend who makes these collars can be proud of this one, it is really cool!

Your flags fit perfect, thanks for fast shipping and handling.

Tail wags from Maddy to Dubh.

Best regards,

Maddy from the left with her collar

Maddy's collar

Maddy from the right with her collar

Now, how sweet is that?

PS Her last comment was referring to our Dubh.

Our Dubh, waiting for Mommy.

Our Dubh, waiting for Mommy.

The King – et ux, et al, etc.

May 11th, 2013

New Sweden 375th logoThe Colony known as “New Sweden”  was founded 375 years ago; it ultimately became the City of Wilmington, Delaware. In honor of the anniversary of the establishment of that colony, their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden and Speaker of the Parliament of Finland, Mr. Eero Heinäluoma, are visiting Wilmington today, May 11, 2013. We think that’s pretty cool. Also cool is the fact that there will be several hundred smALL FLAGs of Sweden, Finland and the United States there waving to greet them.


Kalmar Nyckel

Kalmar Nyckel

You know that back in 1638, Finland was part of Sweden. So today’s a big day for the Finns as well. You’ll see both flags here on a replica of the ship that brought those colonialists. Of course it’s all decked out today. (Small pun intended.) The ship is called Kalmar Nyckel and it was a Dutch-built armed merchant ship. Yes, that’s why the flag of The Netherlands is also flying here.

Gee – I mean Uff Da – aren’t flags fun? Did you have any relatives on Kalmar Nyckel?

Flag Baseball?

March 29th, 2013

Playing a little “catch up” here (small pun intended): it was last week that Dominican Republic won the World Baseball Classic. (First team to do so undefeated, we may add. Way to go, DR.) Although unable to actually attend any games, we did watch a bit on TV. There’s our excuse for the quality of these images. What struck us, aside from the truly international line-up of quality of teams (16 countries represented – no offense to the “World” Series), was a little peculiarity about the teams’ patches.

WBC hat  WBC shirtNotice the subtle difference between the patch used on the cap versus the one used on the shirt sleeve? That’s right. The one on the cap has white merrowing (that little stitched border around the patch); the one on the sleeve does not. Possibly the one on the sleeve was actually embroidered directly on the shirt and the one on the cap was ironed or stitched on (like our patches, but with no merrowing). Don’t know. Just seemed curious.

Yes, this was possibly not something you were watching for during the games, Dear Reader. We understand. And yes, we realize that the pictures we took were of the Puerto Rican flag, not Dominican Republic; but that’s what we got.

Oh, one last thing. Did any of you notice a quick shot of the flags on the field during one of the games?

WBC flags

The US flag is fairly obvious, but can you identify the other two? They don’t seem to be of any of the teams playing:

WBC teams

You may say Baseball, DR says Béisbol. We say Play Ball!


February 24th, 2013

Saxon Emblems of the Month of February
February? The smALLest month of all? Wow. There sure seem to be a lot of special things packed into these 28 (this year) days.

1. National Freedom Day WTF? (Wave That Flag)
1. Also St. Brigid’s Day in Ireland
1. Also Imbolg (you remember, that Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring)
2. Groundhog Day
2. Also Candlemas, lest we forget
10. Asian (some say “Chinese”) New Year of the Snake
12. Lincoln’s Birthday. Remember him?
12. Also Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday. Wait. Lincoln wasn’t fat.
13. Ash Wednesday and beginning of Lent.
14. St. Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the Saint part.
18. President’s Day. All of ’em?
22. Washington’s Birthday. The other one.
24. Purim

Lots of Independence Days. For example:
4. Sri Lanka
22. Saint Lucia
24. Estonia
27. Dominican Republic

And, generally, American Heart Month, Black History Month, Children’s Dental Health Month (no, really), National Bird-Feeding Month (yes, really), there must be more. Oh, yes, let’s not forget the Super Bowl.

And let’s remember those two FLAG days too:
15. Canada
24. Mexico

The month was named after the Latin term februum, meaning purification. Seems there was this Roman purification ritual called Februa held on the full moon around this time of year. See this theme in any of those special days mentioned above?

Not to overwork the phrase, but Wow. That’s a lot for the smALLest month.

February 2013


French Flag Puzzle?

November 11th, 2012

Don’t you just love it when three of your passionate interests collide? (Perhaps that’s not the mot juste considering our last two posts.)

We like to start off our Sunday Mornings with NPR’s Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz.

NPR's Sunday PuzzleImagine our surprise when today’s “On-air Challenge” was entitled “Saluting The Flag” and the contestant was from Portland, Oregon (our nearest large-ish city)!

Frankly, as On-air Challenges go, it wasn’t one of their hardest, but thematically, it fit well with today (and tomorrow’s) honoring of Veterans Day. (Thank you, Vets!) View the Car Badges, Decals, Flags, Keyrings, Mini Banners, Mugs, Patches, Pins, Posters, Sunglasses, Ties, Umbrellas and Windsocks on your smALL FLAGs store showcase site.

Another Sunday tradition of ours is doing the big New York Times Crossword. (Thank you again, Will Shortz.)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

All the fun ones were French words pronounced and used as though they were English words. Really fun!

Now I ask you, what could be more fun? Puzzles, Flags and Languages. What a great way to spend 11/11. (Almost at 11:11.)

A SECOND Derailment?

August 15th, 2012

Second derailment

As unbelievable as it may be, apparently lightning really can strike twice. Alright, not exactly in the same place, but really … TWO train derailments of shipments of our flags in the same summer?

Also odd, the Rapid City Journal referred to this one as a derailment, although the train actually crashed into a cement truck. Isn’t that a train crash?

This one actually caused us to create a new board on our Pinterest site: Flag disasters. How droll.