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Flags Down Under!

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Have anything special planned for this week? How about a trip to the land of OZ?

Starting tomorrow, the International Congress of Vexillology (yes, there really is such an organization) is holding their 26th (yes, 26th!) annual event for flag nuts, like us, from all over. Unfortunately, registration closed a couple of weeks ago, but we just thought you’d like to know what’s up down under and perhaps put it on your calendar for next year.

Meanwhile, check out their informative website.

Did you know that Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the most heavily populated city in Australia? Oh, you did? Well did you know that we offer a standard rectangle patch of New South Wales? No, of course not. It’s not yet on our website; but coming soon!

New South Wales


smALL Teddy Bear FLAG patch

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Warning: They say the world is filled with silly love songs.

Aussie Para TedBack story: As if our last post wasn’t sweet enough, here’s an unrelated one from literally the opposite side of the world. Once again, we’ll let the lightly edited emails speak for themselves.

Hi Small Flags,

I’d just like to congratulate your firm for the quality of your product, and thank you for the uncompromising level of service.

Last week I placed probably the smallest order you’ll receive for some time. It was for a very small Australian flag that you could not have possibly made any profit on at the price.

I wanted to let you know that the Aussie flag [Micro Patch] is now affixed to an Australian army para teddy bear, to celebrate our son Michael’s recent return from active service in Afghanistan (working very closely with US troops in a remote forward operating base.) We’re sending the (unnamed) bear to Mike’s newly married wife Jen, as Mike had to return early from their honeymoon to attend a training course for two months (as the Army does). At least Jen will now have a bit of company. …

I notice you have a Latin quote on your web site. [Assumed reference to the bottom of our Mission and Policies statement, linked to from our About Us page.] I was taught Latin by Jesuit priests when I was at school. Thanks again to Small Flags for something that is very important to our family:

Minima Maxima Sunt



Sydney, Australia.

Sweet, eh?

We of course asked if we could post their photos, not only of the teddy, but also of their handsome son. Here’s part of their subsequent reply.

Hi William,

Thank you for making contact.

Of course we wouldn’t mind you using the letter and photos on your blog. It is the least we could do for you giving our family so much pleasure.

When I came home from work this evening I noticed a message on our answering phone from our new daughter-in-law Jen. She only received the teddy bear in today’s mail, and was overcome by the little surprise. It clearly has a special place in her heart already. …

Thanks again,


Oh, and here’s that handsome son:

Mike Para Beret Afghanistan