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Which way do flags?

Friday, January 29th, 2016


Recently stumbled upon a¬†blog from The Economist, posted April 1st, 2015. Still pertinent, with an interesting vexillogical slant: “Notably, no actor [country] in the region is offering a completely new flag …”.

Along those line, I recently read that flags with Arabic writing on them (or, presumably, any script written from right to left?) should really have its hoisting edge on the right of the design so the script runs the same way the wind blows. Makes sense. Yet, in all the images I could find on the web for, say, the flags of Saudi Arabia or Iraq actually flying from a pole – not just the graphic, that’s just not so. They all appear to have the hoisting edge on the left, like every other flag. Hmmm.

Also, did you ever notice how many States of the United States have the name of the state on the flag? ¬†Sometimes more that once! [We noticed as we were finally finishing up our project of having EVERY STATE NOW AVAILABLE AS A MINI PATCH. About a year-long project, so, yes, we’re bragging.] Here are a few examples:

Mini Patch of ArkansasMini Patch of IowaMini Patch of OregonMini Patch of Wisconsin




You can bet all their hoisting edges are on the left!