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Flag Daze

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

OK. It’s most likely summer-ish somewhere in the world at any given time. Here, in the northern hemisphere it’s getting on to that time of year now and, of course it’s flag flying season for some; for others, it’s year-round. In any event, when we think of flags, we often think international flags. Elsewhere, we’ve noted that the single obvious symbol that represents a nation is its flag. However (most) countries also have mottos. Yes, it’s true!

Our good friends at WikipediA have a pretty interesting page about those mottos, and a couple of things pop out at us from that page.

One is that some countries don’t have a national motto! Imagine. And where’s Eddie Izzard on this important issue? “No motto – no country!” Perhaps someone should sponsor a contest for those unfortunate lands.

Secondly, is the obvious use of flags to identify the countries listed. Why do we do this? Of course a little bit of color often livens up any display, but really can you alphabetize colors and patterns? Perhaps the alphabet gets one close and then looking for the flag pattern (assuming that’s known) makes the final search a bit easier. Surely one doesn’t scan a couple of hundred flag designs looking for one in particular – does one?

Of note is WikipediA’s selection of Brazil/Brasil whose flag also has their motto. It’s a two-fer.

Brazil - flag and motto

The national motto of Brazil, Ordem e progresso (Order and progress), is inscribed on the Brazilian flag.