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horn blowingYou may well know, Dear Reader, that we seldom toot our own horn in these postings. However (you were waiting for it), toot toot.




You know this is the beginning of yet another trip around our favorite star (aka New Year) and it’s just about to begin another Year of the Horse for our Asian friends. But allow us to digress: This is the clever Chinese word for horse;Chinese character for horse with a little imagination, one can almost see the animal in the character, as this artist shows.2014 Year of the horse graphic

Of course with a little more imagination, it could even look like a flag. (Or, with even more imagination  it could look like just about anything, but we digress from our digression.)

We thought it would be appropriate to remind you of some of the newest products now available for your amusement. These have all been added to our website in the past 6 months.

Yes, yes. We keep adding to our utterly amazing line of embroidered patches.

A couple of patches we probably should have had up long ago:

Rectangle Patch of Hong Kong

Cross Patch of US & GreeceRectangle Patch of Hong Kong and the Cross Patch of US & Greece.


A few new, always adorable Micro Patches:

Micro Patch of European Union PATKPR-LARESEuropean Union and Venezuela, yes; but also a couple of very interesting ones from Puerto Rico: the historical PR flag from the year 1892, as well as that of the municipality of Lares. Who knew?


Another few, stylin’ Mini Patches:

Mini Patch of French PolynesiaMini Patch of WalesEuropean Union again, as well as French Polynesia, Trinidad & Tobago, and Wales – not a common grouping.


Definitely the big winner in new patch designs was in our Midsize Patches. Here’s a blitz list:

Midsize Patch of Tanzania Midsize Patch of KiribatiAfghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Cameroon (or Cameroun for our Francophile friends), Curaçao, Dominica (already had Dominican Republic, of course), Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhstan, Kiribati (Ha! Not in Word’s standard dictionary. Do you know how to pronounce it?), Liberia as well as the new/old Libya, Manx (Yes, the flag of the Isle of Man. That Manx, not the cat.), Montenegro, Sri Lanka, Tanzania (very popular recently), East Timor (Timor-Leste – nice flag for a troubled place), and last but certainly not least, Uganda (also very popular recently). Whew!


That covers most of the new patches. Now for flags.


4x6" flag of Acadiana (Cajun) 4x6" flag of CuraçaoIt’s rather rare that we add new designs of our 4x6” desk flags, but we’ve recently added two: Curaçao and Acadiana (Cajun) – what a beautiful flag.






POW-MIAIt’s also rare that we add new designs to our 12x18” flags, so here’s what’s new: we now offer the famous POW/MIA flag in both single and double faced versions in Nylon with grommets and in the single faced version in polyester on a wooden stick.

Flag of CascadiaAlso, great for boating and just what you’ve been asking for, the Doug flag of Cascadia is now available in durable 12×18″ Nylon, fully hemmed with solid brass grommets on canvas header and quadruple-stitched flying edge.


Solar Flagpole Light WhiteAnd to tidy things up, our Solar Flagpole Light is available in white now (as well as black and silver/grey).

Last, and certainly not least, we’re more than happy to have once again found a source for our 11- and 17-hole flag stands! We honestly believe we may have the best selection of stands for 4×6″ flags anywhere on the web.

11 and 17 hole bases


So you see, we’re more than just a pretty face. We’re working hard to provide you with some of the coolest flag merchandise in the world. Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Have a Horsey New Year!

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