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Flag Baseball?

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Playing a little “catch up” here (small pun intended): it was last week that Dominican Republic won the World Baseball Classic. (First team to do so undefeated, we may add. Way to go, DR.) Although unable to actually attend any games, we did watch a bit on TV. There’s our excuse for the quality of these images. What struck us, aside from the truly international line-up of quality of teams (16 countries represented – no offense to the “World” Series), was a little peculiarity about the teams’ patches.

WBC hat  WBC shirtNotice the subtle difference between the patch used on the cap versus the one used on the shirt sleeve? That’s right. The one on the cap has white merrowing (that little stitched border around the patch); the one on the sleeve does not. Possibly the one on the sleeve was actually embroidered directly on the shirt and the one on the cap was ironed or stitched on (like our patches, but with no merrowing). Don’t know. Just seemed curious.

Yes, this was possibly not something you were watching for during the games, Dear Reader. We understand. And yes, we realize that the pictures we took were of the Puerto Rican flag, not Dominican Republic; but that’s what we got.

Oh, one last thing. Did any of you notice a quick shot of the flags on the field during one of the games?

WBC flags

The US flag is fairly obvious, but can you identify the other two? They don’t seem to be of any of the teams playing:

WBC teams

You may say Baseball, DR says Béisbol. We say Play Ball!