Saxon Emblems of the Month of February
February? The smALLest month of all? Wow. There sure seem to be a lot of special things packed into these 28 (this year) days.

1. National Freedom Day WTF? (Wave That Flag)
1. Also St. Brigid’s Day in Ireland
1. Also Imbolg (you remember, that Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring)
2. Groundhog Day
2. Also Candlemas, lest we forget
10. Asian (some say “Chinese”) New Year of the Snake
12. Lincoln’s Birthday. Remember him?
12. Also Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday. Wait. Lincoln wasn’t fat.
13. Ash Wednesday and beginning of Lent.
14. St. Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the Saint part.
18. President’s Day. All of ’em?
22. Washington’s Birthday. The other one.
24. Purim

Lots of Independence Days. For example:
4. Sri Lanka
22. Saint Lucia
24. Estonia
27. Dominican Republic

And, generally, American Heart Month, Black History Month, Children’s Dental Health Month (no, really), National Bird-Feeding Month (yes, really), there must be more. Oh, yes, let’s not forget the Super Bowl.

And let’s remember those two FLAG days too:
15. Canada
24. Mexico

The month was named after the Latin term februum, meaning purification. Seems there was this Roman purification ritual called Februa held on the full moon around this time of year. See this theme in any of those special days mentioned above?

Not to overwork the phrase, but Wow. That’s a lot for the smALLest month.

February 2013


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