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How to Flag Down a Train – Apparently

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Oftentimes we ask our domestic manufacturers to ship us goods via Air. Here’s what happened to one we had them ship via Ground just last week:

Train Derailment

Our flags are somewhere in here!

Yes, we realize this could possibly have just as easily been a plane accident, but the result was the same – a big delay for us and our customers. So, rather than trying to imagine the insurance issues and further delays, we just re-ordered the lot and expect to receive it all soon.

It was interesting to note that the Billings Gazette article referred to the incident as a “derailment”. Guess “train crash” might be a little inaccurate: it didn’t appear that they ran into anything out there in that “remote part of northeast Montana”. On the good side, it appeared that, amazingly, there were no no environmental threats or injuries.

Also, according to the BNSF spokesperson, “The containers were transporting everything from A to Z: Frozen food products, rubber materials and tissue paper, to name a few.” WHAT? No mention of flags? Imagine.