Flag Days around the world

Here in the United States we celebrate Flag Day today. In fact, it’s the 234th anniversary of the old Stars and Stripes. A little research shows that several other countries also celebrate their flag on a special day. Here’s a little list for you:

Italy January 7th
Mexico February 24th
Aruba March 18th
England April 23rd
Faroe Islands April 25th
Poland May 2nd
European Union May 9th
Haiti May 18th
Philippines May 28th
Sweden June 6th
Peru June 7th
United States June 14th
Argentina June 20th
Finland Midsummer’s Day
Pakistan August 11th
Russian Federation August 22nd
Australia September 3rd
Brazil November 19th
Albania November 28th
Scotland November 30th

Did we miss any? Please let us know.

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