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Going Postal!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

The Universal Postal Union. Did you know there was one? And what a cool “domain name extension”: not .com or .gov or anything as common as that. It’s! Didn’t even know that one existed: it stands for “International Treaties” of all things. And they have a very cool logo as well – although it’s really hard to make out from their website:
Universal Postal Union logo So we did a little research and found a detail of that little globe. Nice, eh? Costumed folks handing letters around the world. It’s really quite lovely, don’t you think?Universal Postal Union logo detail Yes, yes. With the advent of email, there’s not as much of that type of activity going on, but it’s still a very nice design. And here’s a great quote from their website:

Addresses are essential for countries to run smoothly and for their economies to function properly.

Think about it.

So, this UPU outfit is quite the organization. Again from their site:

Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne, is the second oldest international organization worldwide.

[Although that status seems hard to verify. That is, try to find out what the oldest is.]

The UPU has now 191 member countries. [The USA joined on July 1st, 1875.]

And just how did we come upon all this fascinating information, you well may ask, Dear Reader? Well, as you may know smALL FLAGs ships now to not only every State in the United States (from where we’re based in the State of Oregon), we’ve also shipped to over four dozen countries – 50 to be exact – so far. When shipping overseas, we pay particular attention to our customers’ addresses. (See “block quote” above.) To verify accuracy and format, we sometimes need to rely on the UPU website. (Thanks, UPU.)  For domestic addresses, we rely on our good old USPS website USPS logoor sometimes White Pages™ White Pages logo
What we’re trying to get to here is how much we care about getting your orders to you as correctly as possible. (Of course we’re also turned on about this whole international thing as well.)