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The smALL FLAGs image

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

smALL FLAGs envelope

Now how sweet is this? (And even hand-written no less!) Of course our good friends at the USPS don’t require our name to be in our distinctive (we hope) capitalization, but occasionally we receive mail – and even checks and money orders – capitalized thus. The purpose, which you may suspect, is to emphasize that we offer ALL the FLAGs of the world in ALL sizes – we just specialize in smALL ones. Perhaps it’s because we show our name in such a fashion on our website, or because an individual is the recipient of one of our business cards.

smALL FLAGs business card

[We try to include one with each piece of correspondence and invoice we send out. Don’t have one? Want one? Write us; we’d be happy to send one along for your collection.] In any event, we do appreciate that some take the time not only to notice our little graphic nuance, but to actually feed it back to us. Thanks so much.