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Cows and Squirrels and Flags?

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Chatting with a customer in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago (yes, we love to talk with our customers), and he related a curious story: seems a while back he had some flags lining the road in front of his farm. They started disappearing. (Actually, our customer wasn’t calling to replace his flags, he was looking for some windsocks and brackets. That’s not the point.)

This was not one of the cows.

At first, he thought perhaps someone was stealing them. That turned out not to be the case when he discovered his own cows were eating them!

Our customer contended that he got his revenge in the form of hamburgers.

Side note: the selection of images that came up searching for “cow flag” was pretty amazing. The one shown here is from the Napa Valley Vinyards. Has nothing to do with North Carolina; used here blatantly just to get your attention. Guess it worked.

WKBN calls this image "patriotic squirrel". Little rodent.

Meanwhile, about the same time, some “Google Alerts” started popping up about some neighborhood in Warren, Ohio, who was experiencing some flag-stealing squirrels. Cute little public interest story. Appeared on a few TV news station sites. Not a big item. Here’s what’s curious: our alerts actually picked up some blog sites: they just copied the news article and inserted their key words, links and ad copy into the story. They read kind of weird and look funny as well. Guess those bloggers didn’t want to take the time to write up something original; they just wanted the search engines to pick up their blogs in hopes that someone would click on their inserted links to la-la-land. Is that OK? Maybe all’s fair in love and merchandising. We’d just prefer it to be a little more personal.