Drums and Flags and World Cup and Languages

OK. Not to beat a theme to death, but after all, it is the WORLD CUP, n’est pas?

‘Vuma! Unity, harmony, goal!’
There are lots and lots of links to this FIFA WC song: for example, “A Durham University researcher composed the song by using a new ‘language’ for African drums.” However this link has some particularly nice explanatory comments about the lyrics – with translations (and no distracting ads).

You may not realize, dear reader, that in addition to being a vexilloglist, I’m also passionate about linguistics and ethnomusicology – and, obviously, big words. So naturally I was interested in music composed using the language of drums. The fact that it’s also connected to the World Cup – well, that’s just sweet.

Speaking of linguistics, one of the voices we follow on Twitter is that of “morsmål“. Their Bio: “Non-government and non-profit organization (est. 2003) advocating multilingual and multicultural education via: news, information and resources.” Check out their website. They’re “an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO”. And don’t let the fact that they’re a Norwegian Norwegian flagoutfit put you off; they’re pretty cool – if you dig languages like we do. And no, “morsmål” doesn’t mean “more smALL”, according to an Internet translator, it means “native”. Hmm. So “morsmål flagg” Doesn’t mean “more smALL FLAGs”; I guess it would mean “native flags”. That’s pretty cool too.

South African flags in side mirror of car Speaking of flags and the World Cup (guess what this is all about), a recent “Google Alert” brought us to an interesting posting to a South African mom’s blog site called, “ohfortheloveofblog: blog like nobody’s reading”. It’s kind of cute and we thought we’d share. Seems that this WC-flag connection is not just a figment of our imagination. “Feeling the vibe”; indeed.

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4 Responses to “Drums and Flags and World Cup and Languages”

  1. Joe says:

    Did not know, where to write this:

    Musings of a happy vexillogist

    is that correct? Flag lover..or..collector..is there a difference to an vexillologist?

  2. admin says:

    Ha. Ha.

    I thought you were asking if there was a difference between being a flag lover or being a flag collector; or if it made a difference to a vexillologist. But no, you caught the typo in the subtitle of this blog, now fixed – thanks to you. I had written “vexillogist” [sic] in error. And just after I had posted that I was, “passionate about linguistics”. ” Indeed, “Ha. Ha.” – on me.

    However, two serendipitous results occured …

    It did get me to thinking about the difference between loving and collecting. I suppose there are those who collect what they may not love as easily as there are those who love yet do not collect. Some may do both; some neither. Interesting. Is there a difference to the vexillologist? Probably not.

    Secondly, in looking up “vexillologist” – a word I know quite well and use frequently, even if I occasionally misspell it, I came upon a cool website, http://wordfamous.com/word/vexillologist/. Imagine: it’s a 13-letter word! I also came upon some new vexillology sites such as http://www.texflags.org/ (VAST, the Vexillological Association of the State of Texas) and http://www.savaflags.org.za/about.asp (SAVA, the Southern African Vexillological Association); the latter tying nicely back in to South Africa – and the World Cup if not directly at least tangentially.

    So, all in all, thanks, Joe.

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks! As an English-as-a-second language person I was not quite sure, if I missed out on something here..and Latin was not one of my strength either. lol
    Now, who do you think, will win the WC?

  4. admin says:

    Not playing favorites here, but two of my sons argue between Brazil and Spain. Time will tell in the beautiful game. It was sweet to see the host South Africa make the first goal against Mexico in the opening game, even if they could only tie. Again, time will tell.

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