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More Flags, Soccer and Languages?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The flag of Slovenia

The flag of Slovakia

Thank goodness for Google alerts. We just discovered a delightful blog site written by someone with apparently similar views about some subjects that are near and dear to our hearts. Yes: Flags, Soccer and Languages. (Warning: The site may be considered by some as rated somewhat “mature”.) Also, the author seems to have a bit of a bias towards Slovenia. 🙂 That said, it’s really a well-written explanation about the differences between the two countries depicted above.

After all those caveats, here’s the link.

A couple of interesting points: he mentions the capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. We actually have a customer from Ljubljana. He also mentions the upcoming World Cup match between Slovenia and the United States. Go USA! That’s our bias.

World Cup fever?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

OK. I admit it. I’ve got World Cup fever. Check out this hoot of a blog post showing (of course) some of the flags of the 32 competing nations. Here’s a sample:Johannesburg WC Flags

Drums and Flags and World Cup and Languages

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

OK. Not to beat a theme to death, but after all, it is the WORLD CUP, n’est pas?

‘Vuma! Unity, harmony, goal!’
There are lots and lots of links to this FIFA WC song: for example, “A Durham University researcher composed the song by using a new ‘language’ for African drums.” However this link has some particularly nice explanatory comments about the lyrics – with translations (and no distracting ads).

You may not realize, dear reader, that in addition to being a vexilloglist, I’m also passionate about linguistics and ethnomusicology – and, obviously, big words. So naturally I was interested in music composed using the language of drums. The fact that it’s also connected to the World Cup – well, that’s just sweet.

Speaking of linguistics, one of the voices we follow on Twitter is that of “morsmÃ¥l“. Their Bio: “Non-government and non-profit organization (est. 2003) advocating multilingual and multicultural education via: news, information and resources.” Check out their website. They’re “an NGO maintaining official relations with UNESCO”. And don’t let the fact that they’re a Norwegian Norwegian flagoutfit put you off; they’re pretty cool – if you dig languages like we do. And no, “morsmÃ¥l” doesn’t mean “more smALL”, according to an Internet translator, it means “native”. Hmm. So “morsmÃ¥l flagg” Doesn’t mean “more smALL FLAGs”; I guess it would mean “native flags”. That’s pretty cool too.

South African flags in side mirror of car Speaking of flags and the World Cup (guess what this is all about), a recent “Google Alert” brought us to an interesting posting to a South African mom’s blog site called, “ohfortheloveofblog: blog like nobody’s reading”. It’s kind of cute and we thought we’d share. Seems that this WC-flag connection is not just a figment of our imagination. “Feeling the vibe”; indeed.