Broken measuring cup

Broken measuring cup

It’s very unusual for me to drop and break something, so it surprised me when around noon today, just before a typically late breakfast, I knocked over a Pyrex measuring cup and watched it smash on the kitchen floor. Laughing (what else), I cleaned it up and had just finished eating when the phone rang. It was Robert, a friend of mine who lives only two miles from here. He was phoning from the emergency room at the local hospital, needing a ride home. While his wife was out with their car, apparently he had dropped a ceramic breakfast bowl – around noontime – and it had smashed, sending one shard seriously cutting his wrist. He had taken an ambulance to the hospital: turns out he needed a couple of stitches to put his wrist back together. Then he called me.

Now how strange is that? Maybe not so much. Maybe a little strange. Robert said he seldom broke things as well. So we both broke something sharp by dropping it – on the same day – at about the same time.

It felt like a little trip through the Twilight Zone, but things happen. It’s been jokingly said that that’s why God invented Time – to prevent everything from happening at once.

So I shook it off.

Creative sculpture-doodles

Creative sculpture-doodles

But then after dinner the wife and I were sitting around, enjoying a little conversation. We hadn’t cleared the table yet and there were a few condiments on the table. I found myself diddling around with a knife and a clothes pin I’d found on the table. For no particular reason – doodling requires no logic – I found that I could clip the clothes pin to the knife blade so they both could stand up. Not that unusual – except when I got up to leave the table and noticed what my wife had done at her place. She’d been diddling around with a pen and a hair clip she’d just taken out of her hair. Of course I figured that she had copied my sculpture-doodle, but in fact she hadn’t seen mine. The condiment bottles had blocked her view of my hands as they had blocked my view of hers. We both had simply created something similar out of somewhat similarly shaped objects.

Now how strange is that? Maybe not so much. Maybe a little strange. Maybe a little stranger in that it happened on the same day that Robert and I had mirrored events.

What does all this have to do with smALL FLAGs? Maybe nothing. Some blogging coach had recently written that bloggers shouldn’t write like robots – should express their human side and all that. Well, I’ll bet that very few robots have coincidental experiences like these with other robots! So there.

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